Tote Shaker


The purchasing customer expressed the desire to create a Tote Shaking machine that will stage, shake and position the totes autonomously. The machine requirements included the machine to handle various weights of parts. Safety systems will shield the machine operator and bystanders from all safety hazards.


Opportunity & Implementation

Final Station Summary:
Gaylord Infeed- The gaylord in-feed allows staging of the incoming gaylord until current operations are complete. Safety Light Curtains Protect the operator from inside machine hazards.
Tote Shaking- The Tote Shaking station grips the tote and pivots the totes in a back and forth motion.
Operator Control- Led Pushbuttons ensure the operator can start the machine from the opposing side of the HMI. The HMI allows the operator to change recipes and parameters quickly.
Shaker Completion- A out-feed staging area allows for a gaylord to be present until the operators can offload the gaylord. Safety Light Curtains protect the machine operator from inside machine hazards.

Design Features & Specifications

• Safety Guard Enclosure
• Interface of overhead deceleration dispenser
• Entry & Exit Safety Light Curtains
• Positive Stop Mechanisms
• Adjustable Shaker Side Guards
• Empty/Full Gaylord Staging Zones
• The machines HMI uses customary pictures & buttons for control overrides. All machine sequences can be
operated in manual mode on the HMI. Current cycle rates and station information is displayed on the main
screen display.

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 25’L x 7’W x 13’H

Power Requirements: 120 VAC, Single Phase, 15A