Robotic Packaging Cell

BSE Job 1752

This system consists of a central located Fanuc M-10iA/12S 6-axes w/3-ph R-30iB Mate Haptic robot that continuously picks an array of bait sticks from transfer conveyors from pull extruder A and B. The bait sticks feed to the end of the existing conveyor line where they are cross shuttled to the conveyors that feed and accumulate sticks of either side of the centrally located robot. As the sticks accumulate to around 10 or more they’re engaged by the robot EOAT. The EOAT consists of a high flow vacuum plenum pick head where the vacuum is generated using the intake of a high flow blower. The array of sticks on the EOAT are transferred and placed into the cartons.

The cartons are staged on the infeed conveyor in (2) rows which allows separation of product from extruder A and B. The case must be staged with the major flaps standing with the poly bag cuffed and taunt. Upon completion of carton, filling the box is transferred to independent skate conveyors for manual labeling and palletizing.

This system allows side A or B of the extruders to function independently or in tandem.