Packaging Automation Solutions

Online sales continue to grow and labor shortages persist, but customers still expect rapid order fulfillment. Many companies are having to reconsider their packaging processes, looking for ways to increase output but decrease turn times. Automated packaging systems are a solution for accurate and speedy operations. Read on to learn about automation solutions, their benefits, and how industrial automated palletizing robots and other equipment from Big Sky Engineering, Inc. can help support more efficient operations.

What Is Packaging Automation?

Packaging automation refers to product packaging processes that incorporate automated equipment that doesn’t need your human workforce to provide manual intervention for operation. There are numerous types of automated packaging systems, and the technology involved has continuously evolved in response to consumer and manufacturer needs. Early packaging automation solutions featured a singular machine capable of automating one step in the larger process. Today, comprehensive systems integrate all aspects of the process seamlessly.


Types of Packaging Automation Solutions

Big Sky Engineering offers a comprehensive range of automation technology, tailored to the needs of your industry and workflow. 

Complete Automation

To fully automate your packaging process, our team can develop a complete system automation plan that may include robotic case packers, industrial palletizing robots, advanced conveyances, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Full Systems Integration

Our experts can help you adapt to sudden changes in demand or navigate the process of automating manual processes by integrating automated solutions into your system.

System Upgrades

Our team has the necessary skills to bring the latest in automation advancements to existing systems in need of modernization rather than a full replacement.

Entry-Level Automation

Companies of all sizes can benefit from automation. If you’re unable to make a substantial investment in automation but want to take the first step, we can help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

System Optimization

Backed by almost 25 years of experience, we can assist you in getting the most out of your equipment, facility space, and processes. Our knowledgeable team performs system maintenance and can also make suggestions on how to maximize your space and streamline processes.

Benefits of Packaging Automation

With such a range of automation options, automated solutions can address the challenges of your individual business. Advantages of packaging automation include:

  • Increased efficiency, output, and accuracy
  • Uniform packaging for enhanced consistency
  • Reduced human error for fewer damaged products
  • Greater worker safety
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Excellent ROI

Types of Packaging Machines

Smart manufacturing technology gives you an advantage over your competition. Big Sky Engineering offers a range of automated packaging machines with:

  • Simple integration capabilities
  • Real-time diagnostic delivery
  • Information-enabled systems
  • Modern safety technology

Case Packing Machines

Robots equipped with custom end-of-arm-tooling will pick your product and efficiently pack it into staged cases. 

Stretch Wrap Machines

Also known as pallet wrapping machines, these fully automatic systems secure products onto a pallet with a film of stretchy plastic wrap so that they’ll stay in place during shipping. These machines are easy to incorporate into your packaging lines for increased output and operational efficiency.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Using a combination of heat and temperature-sensitive plastic film that shrinks to encapsulate products, these machines tightly cover goods of varying shapes and sizes. They’re available in fully and semi-automatic varieties that are easy to integrate into an existing packaging line. 

Tray Sealing Machines

Also known as top seal packaging machines or top sealers, this technology handles multiple units simultaneously, packaging anything from 45 to 200 packs per minute while using a fraction of the standard amount of packaging materials.

Clamshell Packaging Machines

Ideal for hardware and anchors, these machines fill thermoformed clamshells with product, then automatically seal and label for packaging. 

Sleeving and Cartoning Machines

Fully automatic sleeving and cartoning machines eliminate several steps from the packaging process, rendering manual folding, gluing, and packing unnecessary.

Automated Mailer Machines

As fully automatic technology, these order fulfillment machines reduce the chance of human error, increase productivity, and minimize labor and material costs.

Case Sealer and Erector Machines

These valuable solutions for secondary packaging processes work well together. Erector machines automatically assemble cardboard boxes and case sealers close them securely. 

Automated Strapping Machines

Strapping machines bundle multiple products together to secure a pallet of goods, automatically applying a flat band of material such as steel or plastic. This minimizes the occurrence of employee injury or strain while improving efficiency and productivity in your packaging line.

Contact Big Sky Engineering for Packaging Automation Solutions

Whatever your company’s size or packaging automation needs, Big Sky Engineering can design and engineer an innovative, comprehensive solution in-house. Our extensive automated equipment offerings include conveyor systems, high-speed cap sorters, robotic case packers, and robotic palletizing systems for inline, mixed, and layer palletizing to best fit your unique application. Contact us to learn more, or request a quote today.