High Speed Cap Sorter Systems

As a leading packaging solution provider, Big Sky Engineering offers the High-Speed Cap Sorter as our latest innovation. These cap sorters can drastically improve packaging and closure handling processes. When used in conjunction with our RoboStacker, the complete system can help reduce labor, improve throughput capabilities, save energy, and improve the overall quality of products. 

Our vacuum cap sorter works by using a vacuum to separate the caps into two different streams, depending on orientation. One track is inverted and the other remains upright, leading to all caps being either cavity-up or cavity-down, depending on the particular application. This system is especially beneficial as it does not rely on recirculation, leading to higher throughputs.

Here we’ll cover what cap sorter systems are, how they work, their applications, and the unique capabilities available with cap sorters from Big Sky Engineering.

What Is a Cap Sorter System?

Cap sorting systems, also known as cap sorters or cap orienting systems, help make sure that caps are transferred to lining, stacking, filling, or capping machines in the proper position. The caps are added into a spinning bowl, which rotates in a circular motion to discharge the correctly sorted caps. 

Some cap sorting uses include:

  • Product stacking
  • Conveyor lane diverting
  • Inverting of products for stacking
  • Box infeed and location
  • Product transfer

Cap Sorter Industrial Applications

Cap sorters help ensure caps fit properly for a wide variety of containers across numerous industries. Some of the specific applications for cap sorting systems include:

  • PET bottled water
  • Dairy
  • Food
  • Personal care products
  • Soft drinks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical products
  • Spirits and other types of alcoholic beverages
  • Household products

Cap Sorter Capabilities at Big Sky

At Big Sky, our High-Speed Cap Sorter can meet the needs of nearly any capping application. We can help integrate our Cap Sorter into any type of feeder system, including gravity tracks, spinner bowls, conveyors, and airveyors. We can also provide our customers with a turn-key system that works with new 48″ or 60″ spinner bowls. 

Our Cap Sorter is compatible with caps ranging from 38mm to 150mm in size. It also facilitates fast and easy cap size changeover and leaves a compact machine footprint. Depending on how much you spend annually on operating costs, you can also benefit from significant energy savings using these cap sorting systems. In fact, field tests have shown that our CapSorter resulted in average energy cost savings of 80% or more. This is because we use a regenerative blower to create the vacuum flow rather than expensive compressed air.

We also provide sufficient flexibility to meet your market’s ever-changing demands, with unmatched responsiveness, innovation, and value-added services. You’ll be able to increase competitiveness while maintaining sustainability and cost-effective operations.

Connect With Big Sky Engineering for Top-Quality Cap Sorting Systems

Since our establishment in 1998, our mission has been to provide automation solutions that are comprehensive, superior, and economical to meet the evolving needs of the packaging industry. We can help meet our clients’ needs throughout an entire project from start to finish. In addition to our high-speed cap sorting systems, we offer a range of custom automation and control systems, conveyor systems, manufacturing systems, and more based on your individual needs.

To learn more about our High-Speed CapSorters, Hybrid Cap Stackers, and other systems and services we offer, contact us today or request a quote to get started.

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High Speed Cap Sorter Systems