High Speed Cap Sorting Systems

Our Cap Sorter utilizes twin vacuum conveyors that are powered by a high efficiency centrifugal blower to sort caps. This is more cost effective than using expensive pressurized air, which saves our clients extra money on process, packing, and sorting. In fact, field tests showed our Cap Sorter returned an average 80% + savings over pressurized air.

Our Cap Sorter can also be used flexibly. It’s easily integrated into any feeder mechanism, including spinner bowls, conveyors, gravity tracks, and airveyors. With cap sizes that range from 38 mm to 150 mm, our machine can produce caps for a wide variety of industries and applications.

Check out BSE Job 1723 – Hybrid Cap Stacker and then contact Big Sky Engineering today to learn more about our Cap Sorting Systems can streamline and improve your operations and bottom line.