Big Sky Engineering Conveyor System

This system was developed for a customer that has a bank of WIP tables that need access to product at different stages of their workflow. This custom 3-tier conveyor system allowed product to travel in different directions without taking up more floor space.

The conveyors are Zero Pressure Accumulation style, which allows product to fully accumulate on the belting without causing back pressure or excessive rubbing from the belts underneath. The conveyor is a series of connected zones that allow the product to be equally spaced throughout the line. When product is removed from anywhere on the conveyor, the upstream zones move forward to fill the gap.

The zones are driven by motorized rollers by Pulseroller. This eliminates the need for a line shaft and the entire assembly is safe against pinching and binding. With no need for an emergency stop circuit, the system is much simpler and easier to install.

This entire system was custom designed to fit the customer’s needs. Channel size, roller width, roller height, zone length, and belting configurations can all be designed to fit your specific needs. These conveyors also feature custom plastic extruded side covers to conceal wiring and mounting hardware.