Custom Automation & Control Systems

At Big Sky Engineering, Inc. we’ve been building technologically advanced custom automation and control systems known for their reliability and durability since 1997. Our skilled engineers will develop a state-of-the-art industrial automation solution and control panel design that fits perfectly into your plant floor operations. We take full responsibility for the complete system, including hardware specifications, electro-mechanical-hydraulics installation, HMI integration, as well as testing, commissioning, documentation, and training.

Our turn-key automation systems include all servo and motion positioning controls, parts feeders, conveyors, and sorting systems. Quality control assemblies include laser measuring and vision inspection systems, all custom tailored to meet your specific requirements. Safety features are incorporated into every system we build, and our thoughtful designs makes the equipment both easy to maintain and uncomplicated to re-tool should your needs change.

As a manufacturer and integrator of custom equipment for virtually anything that requires automation, packaging, or assembly, Big Sky Engineering is fully committed to providing our customers with well-engineered, efficient solutions at a reasonable cost.

For a comprehensive outline of our custom automation and control systems, see below and then contact Big Sky Engineering today to learn how we can streamline and improve your operations and bottom line.