Automatic Box Cutter


The purchasing customer desired to cut boxes at a rate of 15+ Boxes Per Minute. The machine’s requirements include being completely autonomous aside from switching the machine into producing using the HMI and hard-wired pushbuttons. Transfer conveyors will automatically shuttle the boxes on and off the machine conveyor.


Station Implementation

Conveyors- Infeed Automated conveyors flawlessly move the boxes through the box-cutting machine. Boxes accumulate as needed before entering the robot cutting area.
Box Cutting- Box locate and clamps secure the box in the cutting position. The Fanuc robot activates, cutting the box at the desired setpoint. A blade check is performed in milliseconds following each cutting cycle. The box is released, and the following box enters the clamps and locates.
Outfeed Conveyors- The out-feed conveyors feature dual outbound transfer conveyors. The automated sequence positions boxes at the furthest open offload location.


Design Features & Specifications

• Fanuc SR-6ia Robot
• Dual Offload Conveyor Transfer Stations.
• Allen-Bradley Human Machine Interface
• Multiple Plexi Viewing Windows
• End Of Arm Tool Blade Inspection
• Powered Roller In-feed & Out-feed Conveyors
• Adjustable Automated Cutting Controls with Simple To Identify Diagrams

Machine Dimensions: 15’L x 5’W x 8’H

Power Requirements: 240 VAC, Single Phase, 30 Amp

Pneumatic Requirements: None