Automated Assembly & Processing Machines

Manufacturers depend on automated assembly machinery to meet three critical production requirements: cost efficiency, speed, and processing flexibility. Whether processes are fully or semi-automated, involving digitized data, software, and robotics in production helps manufacturers improve efficiency, quality, and productivity while reducing labor costs and cycle time. These machines also have integration capabilities to better work within a manufacturing system from material loading through to inspections and packing.

Industries like military and defense, packaging, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace, automotive, and more are increasingly automating their manufacturing processes to keep up with a growing customer demand for shorter production runs and greater customization. Automated assembly and processing machines from Big Sky Engineering, Inc. can answer that need for flexibility and versatility in your equipment.

High-Speed Assembly Machines

An automated assembly machine can assemble two or more parts efficiently and rapidly with minimal involvement from human laborers. The accuracy and repeatability of this equipment make it highly valuable to the assembly process. The equipment is capable of continuous motion for product transport, as well as stopping for accumulation or processing stations. As such, high-speed assembly machines can have various functionalities, including:

  •     Indexing. Rotary or in-line equipment can sort, place, and transport components, performing simultaneous actions on multiple parts and reducing cycle times. Applications can include pick-and-place and parts feeding.
  •     Pick-and-place. This operation identifies parts based on characteristics like orientation, color, and size, and grabs and moves them to a desired location or position for automated machine handling.
  •     Parts handling. Pick-and-place, robotic arms, or other automated assembly equipment can feed materials into a system, handle and position components throughout a process, and eject them for the next production phase. 
  •     Robotic cells. In assembly equipment, the machinery’s robotic components are housed in cells throughout the system to carry out individual, assigned work within assembly production.
  •     Welding. Assembly machines can enable vibration, spin, and ultrasonic welding by feeding material into the system, indexing it for proper positioning, and then moving the welding tool for heat application.
  •     Handling assembled parts. This machinery can load, stack, pack, and transport pallets or trays for product dispatch.

Processing Machines

A processing machine utilizes various sequential workstations to carry out continued product processing,  including product handling and transport through to the finishing, inspection, and packing stages. This equipment can handle chemicals and accomplish other various tasks such as:

  •     Manufacturing. Processing machines can utilize cutting tools, discs, and abrasive wheels for manufacturing processes such as machining or metalworking. 
  •     Thermal capabilities. This equipment has thermal options, including thermal forming or sealing and burner management systems (BMS) for managing heat within a system for product processing.
  •     Surface treating. Processes like electropolishing produce a well-polished surface finish on materials such as steel and metal alloys to give a product corrosion resistance. They are also suitable for grinding and finishing treatments to complete a workpiece.
  •     Cleaning. Processing machinery can streamline washing and drying procedures.
  •     Marking. This capability allows for processing machinery to generate flexible and high-speed automated markings. They can mark logos, characters, and bar codes on packaging material and other surfaces with laser, cutting, or inking processes.
  •     Preparing shipments. Processing equipment automates tasks like loading, packing, and labeling products and packages after the production stage.

High-Speed Assembly and Processing Machinery From Big Sky

As an assembly machine manufacturer, Big Sky has decades of experience with high-speed assembly and processing machines. Our skilled engineers can develop advanced industrial automation and control solutions to suit your specific operational needs. Big Sky strives to offer comprehensive, turn-key manufacturing, including not just system fabrication but design, hardware specifications, human-machine interface (HMI) integrations, electro-mechanical-hydraulic installations, and product testing. We also incorporate safety features in our systems to lessen downtime and provide easy functionality and maintenance. Our team considers the full spectrum of component and process ramifications when designing and customizing our well-engineered automated systems for our clients.

As some examples of our work, we have developed the following solutions for our customers:

You can trust Big Sky to revolutionize your manufacturing process with cutting-edge software, technology, and equipment for your unique application.

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